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Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: 354f4d4c
MD5: 4b5a5dd3ae7740342e547360aff74e2c
SHA1: eac00914ab6edbe239980968cf72e214bc9219a5
SHA-256: 756ac13fb88550c71dbc3f6b40c23bb5820878a97f57e3f350723dcd65c83b4e
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.50
CRC32: 43b60d6b
MD5: 8112d97dde6be7f0f44ae40c54b9af75
SHA1: eac0a68b88ffcace9284d0c3bb0e7cba226fd842
SHA-256: 82052a16a6ac1df9f96d8a5bce91e05e9058fc99ecbc6b5a6fcaaefd2021a8bc
450,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.40
CRC32: 58c54da4
MD5: 1d23fc3778667939fcd0b0d9878541e5
SHA1: c40120de5d4dd8e9a45080375b880a8a77029481
SHA-256: 7afbb68857729bc12cc20140929b1badcf102eba750c9d180edd63b450da57df
400,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.30
CRC32: 3f90559a
MD5: 427a2fc032d10026e9994aab2e7058eb
SHA1: 3ff5973f0d944988851e7ee61d0fb6d47dd79c4f
SHA-256: 5a6c49c8761db24903663db3f093d0f86c725b297bfed53df861f81f2bdc8ed4
300,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.20
CRC32: 836480c3
MD5: 77ec46e410fa97c4b437c5c182cfcbe6
SHA1: 60f14502f7c96acf465cdeb0edb6913797576c38
SHA-256: f1f9c14de231acfc95d4ca866dedee57a0bed95ecdb4a105ab12c56d64a27141
200,000 تومان

قالب Nop Element

Element is a beautiful and feature-rich theme designed for the discerning buyer. This template is available in Air and Earth styles and is optimized for small to medium sized catalogs.

Nop Element Theme

By choosing this template, you can use different main pages for your shop and choose the right look for your shop. This template is built with 14 unique plug-ins or plugins, and integrating your store with Facebook will play a big role in helping you sell.

This template is suitable for those who want to display multiple products or product categories on the homepage and creates a nice composition and layout in this regard.

You can also display the main thing a customer needs to know about a product, i.e. the price, as well as a brief description related to it on the main page, as well as pictures of the special packages on the main page.

This format has the ability to display different manufacturers or brands in the form of a menu.

In the menus of this format, the image of the categories and sub-categories is visible under each of them, that all these features will help you to provide a complete and well-equipped online store to your customers.

Among the general characteristics of the Nap models, the following can be mentioned:

Responsive design

The format is unique on any device of any size and gives the customer a great shopping experience from a desktop or mobile phone.

14 extensions or plugins

The templates, together with the complete package of 14 plugins, provided a complete solution for a complete online purchase anticipating all needs.

Color versions

You can choose your favorite color or use our preset template colors.

SEO optimized

Nap templates follow SEO using best practices and URL friendly markup.