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Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: 76f1ab0c
MD5: 3c0ebe88fbbca1e0efe092055b1a9e96
SHA1: 889be7b59b4cff0c223211d4cb8a19a276b71e49
SHA-256: 3546af9ee16d528c7a7c74f14fb144406e7a298a53f75574bd4f4131015a63f9
650,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.50
CRC32: c9607300
MD5: b619fe028434b97f958af7ccd6349963
SHA1: 7c3e24a49562730aeb11b43c71539b0f81a80f5d
SHA-256: fccf8fa25e2f139af6c155aaaa0bb5687dcc40676782fdcd90611ab1959f6bb0
600,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.40
CRC32: e0f3965a
MD5: fded6f4aedf7aad37a502bb385d6e8a4
SHA1: cd332420ea11a00e69dac0421640f1e6e21ba3ad
SHA-256: 70e649ba6b72fa9704b1d64a1957d6aec65873b6db23a5d5716e2ae61a8151fd
550,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.30
CRC32: 32955a22
MD5: 639d1e0bf8a821532d45ae364c0159fe
SHA1: 01dd8eea0a7d5b9c36039fe8b9d36e0927b32a15
SHA-256: 140c06ddc93a36e9dc7532e8281ed9e28bdf95eea15ca249e3e3ce0861eec2f6
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: d61c0637
MD5: cbf806aa8798020aee133859112d05f3
SHA1: 37b910b92bdd01d0cac576377725f6d0a25f2820
SHA-256: 8ccbf48aa1f269ba28356e6a7aeb46d0520eb36830ff196a18e1a4c0162dad62
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: 6877d61e
MD5: b77ec179c65a89d9b668b7d6058b4ccb
SHA1: 598b468d00b84e90b9a81227e9a3a730106ec8cf
SHA-256: 5c67125e921d3482f35d43c2340ce232bc67047475b2c128243d6f3436835502
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: 8835805b
MD5: 2daf485d9df1b6140de40344bc8682de
SHA1: 2b294ce0bd5f85f5fe4beb5f5161d9caab679e09
SHA-256: 101498319b2126a55ce822dcdacc7ee5ee713e60195990b83bb67c6ad8d7f0b8
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: 9bf164ef
MD5: 19b7a5d815296b349aac267c78bb20ff
SHA1: 6ba55ebd794ee9ed835c4c0539adc4039fa3f1a4
SHA-256: 98ed1b6f39526e01933ac530907b622d544cc42399cda8e94f8fcb3df6dcf2e0
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: 17ce8941
MD5: b78064ced53306b2590ce1c1e404c3d2
SHA1: 54ce814cdf1748a6311f13d04eb4ebc96694fe3c
SHA-256: cb49e9bfc0110fe6c6c8955f84912fac6fd85cd787a10f5b6c3cadd66b083d45
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: 1bdeef8e
MD5: 8515edde49fa06ada13687bb5849b390
SHA1: b039016f1a3bd4edb4f519dff268e7372362cb82
SHA-256: 89d56dac9e8c4c32ed8076d69dd9ad1a7c046aa106ae77ad2ebca51a08ceb5d9
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: 354f4d4c
MD5: 4b5a5dd3ae7740342e547360aff74e2c
SHA1: eac00914ab6edbe239980968cf72e214bc9219a5
SHA-256: 756ac13fb88550c71dbc3f6b40c23bb5820878a97f57e3f350723dcd65c83b4e
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: 0cd2ee29
MD5: 774c096c20b8ff7d96751877ccc1d900
SHA1: 6818c8b6c321c866c55be7d081128940ac061481
SHA-256: 9a2c6d75c5bd05886f048125bdc9eb2a43e25305b2d393a0adb1e22658f7c827
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: 8a68e1af
MD5: 3d8d9048d90546b2d941417e95a04401
SHA1: cd45230ad37023971f408c0f50542043e3036d40
SHA-256: 686e44cf50713bead1549ebaaa137642b8e5bd2fb9da1363495713d815ff6c4a
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: 702b455a
MD5: 6ba45ae36c2d8a45823d279fea094e98
SHA1: f7b5ec542ddf39d4962b77dda85702c783368270
SHA-256: e48c6fe668a5d598e95234565936a50465ddd8c94e0b11412edbde5a29522747
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: a0aeca58
MD5: 883a3698261298ec3e0224e41649a48a
SHA1: 01a4ce530ed3310f3af54eaf78b4dc345ec09755
SHA-256: c925efefe05fb1916798e83480e77fc18d509ec17a3d97accb766e5915110354
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: 1e0d62cc
MD5: 1509fcd9d67bce94c8829fe39dbe3350
SHA1: 65fc13779c9b01aac130626c45b1af6f017633da
SHA-256: c3cafc37d5975017863d7cff6b1b29c30ed2545174c53b24341768c6efd88494
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: 0c6cfe34
MD5: 1532363f05c0b8cb417292b8dad3d65c
SHA1: 23732e8f38b8819af5ee8433c4c5623344778900
SHA-256: d09d7419756d7f8d6a7275e67a72a8550370db02b36410c9c8124477250bc1ab
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: 41952b96
MD5: 1e9c66564f602cb285e72492f3696d42
SHA1: 6688d9253c4399c4938cdce605c2ca81bff92d42
SHA-256: 03939e5f8bc75a72e0aec379b73ee6282cb81d1288ed67d7b39c002560992799
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: 5acca089
MD5: 878d4fbeff80c7d10c72554e20cc914d
SHA1: 06dfa6dd40e4a222446adf8fddbee6b18b3d16ef
SHA-256: e06ce9de819f086c13cd906bc682068443b5b5af0265d15c834d7cea110e4a2c
500,000 تومان

Supported versions: 4.60
CRC32: ca14f626
MD5: 9b9ca5270a67087c1dfaeb5cdc548cc8
SHA1: 11933e832f713d78f5c724d05e12ef0e20fd69d2
SHA-256: eab11609a45fd319318990f26da9e9b2195f1641005179caa0bf084e42c542c4
500,000 تومان

nopcommerce template

One of the main pillars for website designers is choosing a template. Choosing the right template, in addition to creating a better experience for site visitors, has a big impact on SEO and increases site visits for you.

The better template you have for your online store, the more visitors your website will get. Many features and functions can be inherently defined on a model. So that you no longer need to install plug-ins to perform a number of features.

In each of the formats that you see for different CMSs like Nopcommerce or even WordPress, a set of unique intelligences have usually been observed. Each format has advantages and disadvantages compared to other formats, and it is your duty to find the format you want based on the criteria and importance of each of these elements.

Please note that no template or plugin is perfect for use on your site and if you plan to have a template with all the features you want; You must exclusively produce this model.

In the case of big stores, such as popular shopping sites, these sites spend hundreds of millions on their content format. But keep in mind that at the very beginning of the work, none of these shops paid such a commission for their site.

In fact, if you want to have an up-to-date store, you always have to pay for its updates. Just like a shop that rents its property monthly.
The costs of an online store include the following:

  • Content production and SEO
  • SEO consultancy
  • Hosting and domain costs
  • The cost of the programmer
  • The cost to purchase a plugin, template, or source code

In this section of the NopNop site, we will only talk about the last thing, which is buying plugins and templates. The first thing that might occupy your mind is how much the model in question costs.

Or this question may occupy your mind, isn't it more convenient and cheaper to prepare a free model than a non-free model?

Use free templates

There are many criteria for choosing a site template, and perhaps the most important principle for you is its cost versus the features available in a template. There are many free CMS templates like Nopcommerce.

Many people think that free templates have fewer features than non-free templates or that non-free templates are better than free templates. In fact, this is a misconception.

In many cases, you see sites offering content to their customers using free templates. As mentioned above, you can see the strengths and weaknesses of all formats, both free and not.

As for the free templates, you can start your business and launch your website by paying less. So picking a free template that meets your criteria might be better than buying one.

The most important point of this discussion is that you may wonder if non-free templates can be used for free. Here we try to share some of our experiences for people who have these questions.

Have you ever wondered why a person or business would buy a file and give it to you for free?

A company that intends to buy models and provide them free to its customers is losing more than it is profitable, and if it continues its policy, it will certainly not be able to continue operating one day.

Therefore, some foreign sites may offer you non-free templates for free. In this case, you will get malware by installing these templates on your website.

If so, your least concern should be that your online store is not secure and that there might be security holes. In some cases, the attacks are carried out by bots, their origin may be your site.

This means that in the future you will be recognized as the culprit in this matter, and even legal problems may arise for you.

Identifying malicious code in other CMS is much easier, but in the case of Nopcommerce CMS, it can be very difficult to determine if a template is malicious or not due to the existing file structure.

Because in Nopcommerce the files and all the code are compiled and modified before being executed. This is one of the reasons that increases the security of nopcommerce compared to other existing CMS.

Also, if you can restore the model to its original state and translate its interpreted codes, you will still need a professional programmer to identify the malicious codes and remove them.

To never face these problems, we recommend that you get your templates from reputable sources. As for the free templates, always try to get the templates from the provider's official website so that you don't have any problems in the future.

On the NopNop site, we have tried to insert a Hash algorithm for all downloadable files so that we can guarantee the security of the file and its perfection.