Sliders & banners

on any store site, be it Nopcommerce or you use other CMS; An important part of the information and advertising process is carried out by cursors and advertising banners.

Thus, slides of images appear on the pages of most websites and online stores. Of course, informing customers is an important process for any business.

Imagine that you have placed a product with the best price on your site, but you have not presented this product to users through different pages. In this case, the sale of this product will definitely not be desirable.

But most sites try to use sliders on most of their pages and even for product categories in order to have better sales and services.

Thus, many plugins have been produced for the powerful Nopcommerce CMS, most of which are available free to users and you will not need to pay to use these features.

The one thing you should pay attention to when using these plugins is to make sure they are compatible with your version of Nopcommerce before downloading them.

In the field of Nopcommerce plugins, these plugins offer you a lot of features; But in some cases, you also have the option to add the desired slider to different parts of your site without using these plugins and with limited programming knowledge.

Of course, we only consider such methods in cases where you have a special plan or idea, or for some reason you don't want to use the plugin for your site. In any case, Nopcommerce plugins are very complete and cheap, especially for version 4.5 and later.